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Go Solar with TotalEnergies for a Host of Benefits

Pay For Only The Energy Generated

Operational & Maintenance Risk-Free

Zero CAPEX Required From You

Maximising Your Available Space

Safe Long Term PPA Contract

Visible CSR Commitment For Green Publicity


35 year lifetime savings

1,525 T/CO2/yr

CO2 emissions avoided

What Savings Could You Make with Solar?

More and more businesses are realising the monetary and environmental benefits of going solar. With some companies saving millions of US dollars and thousands of tons of CO2 emissions each year, it’s no secret why.

On top of the financial and environmental advantages, diversifying your energy supply by going solar can also lead to more successful employee recruiting, boost brand perception, improve community reputation, and create competitive differentiation.

Top Solar Service Provider for Commercial & Industrial Businesses

We provide a fully-integrated solar solution that provides immediate savings from your first energy bill with zero need to worry about financing or system performance.

From site analysis to procurement and from installation to financing – we handle it all. And because we own the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you only pay for the electricity you produce.

Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, there’s no “catch.” Our goal is to bring together capital that is looking for long-term, steady, and predictable returns, and companies like yours that want to reduce their OpEx but prefer to invest their own cash in faster-return, core business processes.