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  • FAQ: Our Solution – Rooftop Solar Power Purchase Agreements

    July 01, 2022

    Do I need to invest money upfront? No, you don’t. TotalEnergies ENEOS invests all the capital required for the project. With no money upfront and reduced electricity bill, it sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch? There is no “catch”. The whole concept is based on bringing together capital that is looking for... View Article
  • Solar Power: Long-term Power Contracts (OpEx model) VS. Buying Solar Systems (CapEx model)

    August 03, 2020

    The key differences between buying a solar system and signing up to a long-term power contract e.g. Power Purchase Agreement or Operating Lease. Rooftop solar for TotalEnergies Lubricants in Singapore Companies are increasingly looking to on-site solar projects to cut costs and carbon footprint sustainably. Some TotalEnergies customers have reduced their power costs by 30... View Article
  • Project News: Rooftop solar for Betagro Group – 24 facilities in Thailand

    April 23, 2020

    TotalEnergies Distributed Generation (DG) is currently constructing rooftop solar systems for 24 facilities across Thailand owned by Thai agro-industrial giant Betagro Group. This will be one of the largest corporate solar portfolios in Thailand, with the project generating an estimated 38 GWh of renewable electricity per year, with a total system size of 25 MW... View Article
  • Go off the grid with Solar Energy Power

    January 13, 2020

    Gavin Adda, CEO of  TotalEnergies Distributed Generation SEA, discusses the way forward in the expansion of its solar energy business. How is TotalEnergies expanding its business to solar energy? The Energy industry is one of the largest globally and it is experiencing massive disruption. It is currently dominated by centralized power generation and complex transmission/distribution... View Article